Edwin H Rydberg currently lives in Harrogate, UK with his Italian wife, British daughter and Israeli cat. His writings range from the fun, relationship-driven superhero stories of the Destiny City Chronicles to, as yet unpublished, near future SF noire and far future adventure. He's also volunteers at local libraries and primary schools where he shares his children's stories and his love of technology.


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Destiny City Chronicles

The Altered Destiny Saga introduces the broader superverse centred around the troubled Destiny City. Heroes and villains from across the superverse come together to battle for the future....

Gateway to the Future

The Terran Sphere is both the future and the past of humanity in this shared universe spanning 10s of thousands of years of human history. Beginning in the near future and leaping ahead and abroad through time and space,...

A Battle of Magical Realms

A parallel reality where magic and technology are different ways of accessing the forces of nature. Magic requires careful crafting to form spells, as is more akin to art than science....

Book Status

Altered Destiny - Book 1 80 %
UTIII (fan fiction) 90 %
NMT (draft) 30 %

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