Death Used to be a Game, Now It's Real.

Death Used to be a Game, Now It's Real.

The Deathmatch is the most brutal game in history. Rapid cloning, advanced weaponry, and a host of extraterrestrial species have paved the way for gladiatorial combat the likes of which the world has never seen. And that’s the way the Apocalypz Cowgirlz like it! But when the Deathmatch takes a dark turn and the fate of the world is at stake, The Apocalypz Cowgirlz might just be the only ones who can set things right.

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Edwin H Rydberg

I’ve had my head in space ever since I saw the original Star Wars in the cinema as an impressionable eight-year-old. For a while, I thought I might like to build giant robots, or travel into outer space, or unravel the secrets of life. But I’ve found that writing science fiction allows me to do all three.

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Edwin H Rydberg

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