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This multi-author speculative fiction anthology features stories about control—by entities that want to harm or protect us, and stories about exploration. Not the happy, “everything is wonderful out there and all will be great if we only go” stories. But rather the “yes it’s dangerous out there, and we can get killed, but we still need to go” stories.

Yet, ultimately, Farspace 2 is an anthology of hope and promise for the future, an anthology that urges us to keep moving forward despite the hardships we might find along the way.

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About Edwin H Rydberg

I’ve had my head in space ever since I saw the original Star Wars in the cinema as an impressionable eight-year-old. For a while, I thought I might like to build giant robots, or travel into outer space, or unravel the secrets of life. But I’ve found that writing science fiction allows me to do all three.

My Books

Selected Fiction

Awaken from that Gentle Good Night

The world of ‘Awaken’ was created by a friend of mine who gave me permission to write a story in it. It has a religious theme, but as you’ll see, it’s all science fiction. I approached this story by flipping the original on its head, although I can’t say more without giving it away. Suffice ...

Road to Liberty

Those of you who know me, know I love playing video games. One of my favourite is Starcraft II, a real-time strategy game made by Blizzard. Occasionally, Blizzard has fan contests either for artwork, map design, or stories. This is my entry for one of those. Unfortunately, while I’m quite happy with how it turned ...

Battleship – Episode 1

Sometime in 2006 or 2007, while I was still a member of Writing.com, I had the idea to create a story around the game Battleship. The idea was that two or more authors would actually play a game of battleship, beginning by putting our ships on a hidden grid just like the board game, and ...

Selected Futurism

A Road to Artificial General Intelligence

A Road to Artifical General Intelligence Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). It’s the stuff of far future science fiction or modern nightmares. Or far future science fiction nightmares. There are a great many people who tell us it can’t be done. At least not with the technology we currently have. And many suggest there is no ...

5 Superpowers Humans Will Have by 2050

5 Superpowers Humans Will Have by 2050 What separates humans from animals is the extent of our tool use. We develop tools to make every aspect of our lives easier and more efficient and we’re able to teach our use of tools to other humans, allowing for their continued advancement. For the majority of our ...

The Importance of Finding Trusted Voices in the New Era

The Importance of Finding Trusted Voicesin the New Era With more and more channels of communication, and more and more people sharing their voices online, it’s only natural that opinions become mixed with fact. As the issues of our world become ever more complex, each and every person has a duty to be as well-informed ...
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