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About Edwin H Rydberg

I am Edwin H Rydberg, author. I currently live in Harrogate, UK with my Italian wife, British daughter and Israeli cat where I enjoy writing science fiction/fantasy, young adult novels, and children’s books. My stories range from the fun, relationship-driven superhero serial of the Altered Destiny Saga to, as yet unpublished, near future SF noire and far future adventure. When not writing or publishing, or thinking about writing and publishing, I volunteer at local primary schools either leading writing workshops or guiding code clubs.

 Newest Release

Echoes of the Past, first episode in the Altered Destiny Saga, introduces Charlene Stanfeld (AKA Starshyne), Ayn Elypso, and Virtue Maroni. Three very different women, living three very different lives, in a city with a tormented past and an uncertain future. A city living in the shadow of Dr. GrimLaw.

 Latest Post

  • Electric Bugaloo


    Electric Bugaloo is a free anthology of some of my published and unpublished short fiction over the last ten years. It also includes the opening chapter of Echoes of the Past, Episode 1 from my new female-centric superhero series the Altered Destiny Saga, and an excerpt from my Unreal Tournament fan fiction Some Skaarjs Never Heal, available for free with purchase of Echoes of the Past (send me ...

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