The episodes featuring the American navy were written by someone I knew only as Rock L. Unfortunately, I can give no more credit than this. So, without further ado, here’s the introduction to team 2.

If you’re new to this story, you can find Episode 1 here.

Introduction: U.S.A.

The US destroyer Sophia slowly cut its way through the rough ocean. Testing of the prototype EMP generator had just begun, and in Admiral Rosaline Stone’s opinion, the tests had gone too well. The entire fleet’s sonar systems were out of wack. The second, smaller destroyer, the Zarathustra, circled the area. The testing had put the entire fleet in danger, and Admiral Stone didn’t like the thought of having her own weapon turned against her. Dr. Greer had insisted that the prototype was ready, that the shielding on their own equipment would spare them the incapacitation that they hoped to deliver to an oncoming enemy. Now, Greer paced the Sophia, checking this panel and that, insisting that his calculations were correct all the time.

Admiral Stone’s frustration peaked at the thought that she couldn’t communicate with her ships. Nervous, she surveyed the horizon for what seemed to be the hundredth time. They were all there. The sister ships Ahura Mazda, and Aura Mainyu, as well as the smaller Aries and Athena.

She cringed at the thought of losing even one of her men to such stupidity. Goddamn Americans! , was her own internal joke. But she knew that the arrogance of her country had gotten them into this situation, and damn it all to hell she wasn’t going to pay for it.

It seemed to her that her beloved country had been too quick to answer the call of war. How many Americans before her had fought without a clear understanding of what it was all for? How many before her had died for causes that they didn’t quite understand? This wasn’t just an American war though, but then again, when did Americans think that it was?

“How long will it be before we can get our systems up and running again?” Admiral Stone stood above Greer as he peered into yet another panel.

“Its hard to say…”

“How about you give me a ballpark estimate.”

“Um… it could take me three hours, or it could take me three days. I’m not quite sure what went wrong. Our shielding should have prevented this from hap–“

Stone cut him off, “You’ve been saying that for the past hour. Look, I’m tired of this Dr. Greer. You obviously lack the skill my commanding officers thought you had. I’m getting us into formation and we’re headed back to base. How the hell do they expect us to fight a war if we can’t even see what’s right in front of us?”

“That’s not a good idea, Admiral. If you’d just w–“

“Save it. Were headed back and that’s that.”

“Admiral?” An officer approached her.


“Admiral, we’ve detected a ship headed our way.”

“A ship? Who? American?”

“No, we don’t think so. We’re unsure of who it is at the moment. What should we do?”

“Communications still down?”

“Yes Admiral. But the Zarathustra is just passing by. We could flag them down.”

“What about the others?”

“It will take some time. They are a good ways away.”

“Dammit. Time is something we don’t have.” Admiral Rosaline Stone stared into the distance as the mast of a large destroyer slowly came into view.

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