The first shots have been fired. Were there any casualties? How will the American Naval group, hidden in an electromagnetic field, respond and just what are they doing in Canadian waters anyway?

As this game is designed to feature multiple countries, each turn begins with a response to aggression toward that country, stating miss/hits for each country’s shots fired. Aggression is then returned in two shots (plus a bonus for each hit scored in the previous turn) targetted against any country.

If you’re new to this story, you can find Episode 1 here.

Turn: USA

  1. Miss (Canada, I-4)
  2. Hit (Canada C-2, size 3 ship)


  1. Attack (Canada, F-6)
  2. Attack (Canada, J-10)

“Where the hell are we, and who the hell are they?” Admiral Rosaline Stone motioned toward a few distant ships. Their forms were hard to make out, but there was no mistaking it: they were big. Maybe even bigger then the USS Sophia, which meant something. Americans don’t like it when other countries bring bigger guns to the party.

“Best we can guess, we’ve crossed into Canadian waters.” Captain Jackson answered.

“Canada? Damn.” Admiral Stone faced the captain, “Why haven’t we slowed down?”

“The Zarathustra is still trying to hail the other ships. If we slow down now, we risk a collision.”

“I don’t like this. Our mission here is Top Secret. Whoever that is, Canadian or not, could take our presence here as an aggressive act.”

In the distance, Admiral stone heard a loud bang, which echoed into the horizon. “No…”

“What the hell was that?”

Moments later, a louder explosion followed by a rain of saltwater, answered the Captain’s question.

“They’re firing on us!” Captain Jackson yelled.

“All hands, battle stations, battle stations!”

The deck burst into a flurry of activity. “Load the Gatling guns. Ready the missiles. I want those cruise missiles in the air now!”

“But Admiral, we don’t know who they are. Attacking could start a war! Maybe they missed as a warning to us.”

“No Captain, I don’t think so. Dr. Greer!”

Greer looked pale faced as he approached. “What was that? Are we under attack?”


“You don’t know that, It might have been a warning. They missed us.”

“I seriously doubt that, Captain. The EM generator may have disrupted their signals as well. They’re shooting blind.” Greer answered.

“I thought as much,” Admiral Stone said as she guided the Doctor down below, “We need to get communications back up. Stay out of the way until we get this situation under control, and come to me only if you’ve made progress.”

Greer nodded warily as he obeyed the Admiral’s orders.

Up top, Admiral Stone heard yelling as a second explosion rocked the ocean. Silence didn’t follow the second attack.

Stone saw a huge tower of black smoke billowing up into the air. She followed the smoke. The USS Aura Mainyu. A huge fire raged on the deck as the tiny silhouettes of her men frantically worked to quell the flames. Rage burned inside the Admiral. Whoever their attackers where, they would pay for this.

“Damn it! Are those missiles ready!”

“Yes Admiral, but the radar is still down. We have no way of guiding them to a target.”

“That only means that we are as blind as they are. Fire!”

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