The two opposing forces are still feeling each other out. As the electromagnetic field continues to play havoc with their aiming systems, Admiral Ben Johnson searches for other options.

If you’re new to this story, you can find Episode 1 here.

Turn: Canada

Incoming Fire:

  1. Miss (USA, F-6)
  2. Miss (USA, J-10)

Return Fire:

  1. Attack (USA, D-2)
  2. Attack (USA, G-8)
  3. Attack (USA, C-6) *bonus attack for hit*

“Confirmed hit sir.” That much was obvious to all, as the faint trail of black smoke rose above the horizon.

“Keep monitori…”

“They’re returning fire, Admiral!”

Definitely not Spanish fishing boats, thought Johnson sardonically. Life was never easy, but that’s why he was in the armed forces.

“Incoming missiles!”

“Missiles!” Whoever they were, they were well equipped. This was going to hurt.

“All hands brace for impact,” Admiral Johnson ordered.

As the bridge crew readied for the inevitable impact, the seconds ticked uneventfully by.

“Well? Where the hell are th…” A plume of water burst from the ocean not eighty meters from the bow.

“Confirm ‘miss’, lieutenant.”

“Two missiles, both in the water, sir,” came the reply.

This was an interesting development. Interesting indeed.

“Cruise missiles, lieutenant?”

“Aye, sir.”

“Then why aren’t we smouldering?” he said aloud to himself.

“If I may, sir?”

“Go ahead, Lifson.”

“Perhaps they’re generating the EM field, sir, and it’s throwing their instruments off.”

“An interesting theory and one that could play to our advantage, if correct.” Something to ponder for future developments.

Turning to the communications officer, he ordered, “get me the Nunavut.”

“Aye, sir, hailing the Nunavut…Captain Peart, sir.”

“Captain, I’m sure you’re aware of our little problem here.”

“Yes sir,” came the static-filled reply.

“Do you have any birds ready to fly?”

“Loaded a pair of CF-18s on deck as soon as the warnings started.”

“Good job, Captain.”

“But we’re reading an EM dense region, sir, we won’t be able to fly in there.”

“You don’t have to Captain. I just need another option near the fringe. We’ve got confirmation of one ship near the northern boundary. We’ll concentrate on pinning down the rest of the fleet while your boys finish off business near the edge.”

“Yes sir,” the answer came back as the Admiral closed the channel.

“Load forward cannons.” Admiral Johnson paused, watching the pair of CF-18s shoot from the deck of the Nunavut, rocketing into the sky and quickly out of sight.

“Tactical, pick your targets,” he continued, “and relay to forward and aft batteries.”

“Aye, sir. Coordinates sent.”

“Very good. Fire when ready.”

Why did it always have to be this way? Admiral Ben Johnson knew that, while not all soldiers dreamed of peace, all veterans did. Yet still, the fighting continued. As he watched the horizon for any sign of his adversary, the forward cannons of the HMCS Shaboogamoo fired off a thunderous blast, followed quickly by the aft cannons. For better or worse, the battle was well and truly joined.

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