The battle has been truly joined and the two admirals play a deadly game of chess on the high seas, each putting new players onto the board.

If you’re new to this story, you can find Episode 1 here.

Turn: U.S.A.

Incoming Fire:

  1. Miss (Canada, D-2)
  2. Miss (Canada, G-8)
  3. Miss (Canada, C-6)

Return Fire:

  1. Attack (Canada, L-2)
  2. Attack (Canada, E-11)

Negative impact. We have a negative impact.

“Damn it! I never thought I’d see the day when a cruise missile missed. If it weren’t for this EM field, black smoke would be filling that horizon.” Rosaline Stone paced the deck. She needed to do something. The Aura Mainyu didn’t have much time before their attackers had her sunk, and the rest of her fleet was well within harm’s way.

“I didn’t want this..” she found herself saying.

“But you’ve got it. Only thing we can do now is kill them before they kill us.” Captain Jackson cut in. “Sorry Admiral. No disrespect, but we knew that this would be a possibility going into this mission.”

“Our mission was to test and develop this damned EM generator, not get ourselves killed.” Admiral Stone sighed heavily. “Do we at least have the damage assessment form the USS Aura Mainyu yet?”

“That’s what I came to tell you. We have one KIA and seven wounded. Two more are being treated for smoke inhalation.”


“Yeah. Looks like the impact chucked him overboard. He’d probably been knocked unconscious. They found his body not too long ago.”


“The Aura Mainyu isn’t in any danger of sinking, but the damage means that she can’t manoeuvre either.”

“That’s not good.”

“No, it isn’t. Should we-“

“Wait. You see that…they’re firing!” Admiral Stone knew that the Aura Mainyu was doomed. She watched the injured ship carefully, expecting to see it swallowed by the ocean any minute. The seconds passed and, BOOM!  Water sprayed high into the air as an underwater detonation created a massive mushroom cloud of sea water.

The Aura Mainyu

Boom! Boom! The Aura Mainyu shook with the shockwave of the explosion, but miraculously it had missed. Water sprayed the deck and doused the soldiers. The final missile had missed as well.

“That was too close…”

“Admiral, look. The sky!”

Rosaline Stone gazed upward. Two CF-18’s cut easily through the sky.

“Should we ready our birds?” Captain Jackson asked.


“No! What do you mean?”

“Calm down Captain. The EM field is too strong here. I doubt that those fighters are dumb enough to cruise our way, and I’m sure as hell not going to risk the lives of any of our pilots.”

“So what do we do? Just wait for the EM field to dissipate?”

“With those birds in the air, the EM field is the only leverage we’ve got.”

“What are you thinking, Admiral?” Jackson seemed concerned, but the question wasn’t meant as a threat.

“Not sure yet. Doesn’t matter right now. Right now we’ve gotta answer that little friendly gesture. Plot new targeting coordinates. The targeting on these missiles might be out of whack, but we’re bound to hit one of them eventually”

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