Humanity’s Endgame

On Crossing the Event Horizon Having crossed the event horizon of the technological singularity we’re beginning to see many social and technological effects of this convergence – some predictable, some not. Increasingly, we see stories of robotics and artificial intelligence as the former becomes more generally practical and the latter increasingly exceeds humans in endeavours […]

Review: Nexus by Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings

Nexus (The Androma Saga #2) by Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay CummingsPublisher: Harlequin TEENRelease Date: May 7th 2019Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy Synopsis:#1 New York Times bestselling authors Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings deliver the dazzling finale to the acclaimed Androma Saga, where stunning betrayals and devastating secrets send an embattled galaxy spiraling into the ultimate nightmare.Her ship is […]

Review and Giveaway of Dimension Drift prequel Umbra

Umbra Christina Bauer (Dimension Drift Prequels, #2) Published by: Monster House Books Publication date: March 26th 2019 Genres: Dystopian, Fantasy, Young Adult A prequel novella to the new series from USA Today’s ‘must read YA paranormal romance’ author, Christina Bauer. One day, eighteen-year-old Thorne will be the Emperor of the Omniverse, the single being who […]

Artificial Intelligence: A View into the New Future

AI and The World of Tomorrow? A row of cars wait, orderly and patient, as we reach the school driveway. I head for our family Auto, distinguishable by the customized chromo-flex decal on the hood, currently set to cycle through red and black arrows pointing toward the front. It’s supposed to look dramatic, tough, and […]

After 70 Years, Where Are The Jet Packs? They’re Here!

Ever since The Jetsons, and probably much sooner, science fiction fans have been waiting for their own, personal jetpacks. The 60’s came and went and we landed on the moon, but no jetpacks. The 70s and we again explored the moon, but still no jetpacks. The 80s gave us the space shuttle and affordable personal […]

The Reality of Professional Video Gaming

As part of the MIT Technology Review series on future jobs, they have an article about professional video gaming which is well worth the read. As someone who enjoys gaming, here’s my take on the subject. Western society has never truly concluded the debate over whether competitive Chess should be categorized as a sport. And […]

What is the technological singularity, and why should you care?

Doesn’t it seem that the latest iphone is coming out sooner and sooner? That just a few years ago we had first mainstream digital assistant in Apple’s Siri (2010) and now the market is flooded not only with dedicated devices such as Amazon’s Echo Dot (2015) and Google Home mini (2016), but a range of […]

The Light and the Flame

Another NaNoWriMo prep session. A little over an hour this time and 1056 words. Warning, it’s a bit political. (image from Shaun of the Dead) The Light and the Flame So far, the disease had cropped up in five different towns, today was the sixth. Like all the other cases, the victims here were mobile […]

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