The View to a Future

In honour of VE day and the anniversary of the end of WWII combat in Europe, I’m sharing the first page of an alternate future story I started some time ago. The premise that interested me is that the Nazi Germans were as technologically gifted as they were morally abhorrent. Read more…


The Snowman

Here is a short piece I wrote some time ago when pondering the perspective a snowman might have in its short existence. I feel somewhat safe in putting out now, and that I won’t be tempting the wrath of the winter gods now that warmer weather appears to be here. Read more…


Road to Liberty

Those of you who know me, know I love playing video games. One of my favourite is Starcraft II, a real-time strategy game made by Blizzard. Occasionally, Blizzard has fan contests either for artwork, map design, or stories. This is my entry for one of those. Unfortunately, while I’m quite Read more…

By Edwin H Rydberg, ago

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