10 Things that are Rare Now but will be Common by 2030

10 Things that are Rare Now but will be Common by 2030 Technological change is happening faster and faster as an increasing number of countries and companies work to build the next cool ‘must-have’. Yet only a small number of advances actually stay the course to become common in our lives. Here are my top […]

The Importance of Finding Trusted Voices in the New Era

The Importance of Finding Trusted Voices in the New Era With more and more channels of communication, and more and more people sharing their voices online, it’s only natural that opinions become mixed with fact. As the issues of our world become ever more complex, each and every person has a duty to be as […]

6 Ways Self-drive cars will Change Travel for the Better

6 Ways Self-drive Cars will Change Travel for the Better One of the many coming revolutions will be in road travel. Specifically, the self-drive car is poised to revolutionize ground transportation. There remain some technical and legal bugs to work out but by the end of the 2020s car travel will be noticably different than […]

Are We Tired of the Future?

Are We Tired of the Future? On a recent BBC interview, science fiction author William Gibson has recently suggested that we may have ‘future fatigue’ that’s resulted in us not looking forward to the future with hope and excitement. While this might be understandable given all the negativity about the world that is discussed in […]

It’s a Land of Confusion… and it always has been.

The modern world is indeed a land of confusion, a frightening place that seems out of control and spiralling into the abyss. We’ve got teenage activists telling us off for ruining the environment, we have constant attempts to impeach the American president, and fear of a nuclear war in the middle east is growing. There […]

Humanity’s Endgame

On Crossing the Event Horizon Having crossed the event horizon of the technological singularity we’re beginning to see many social and technological effects of this convergence – some predictable, some not. Increasingly, we see stories of robotics and artificial intelligence as the former becomes more generally practical and the latter increasingly exceeds humans in endeavours […]

7 Areas that Could See Massive Benefits from Artificial Intelligence

There’s a lot of discussion regarding the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the consequences for human society. Such concerns hit the media in waves, generally around some new success by AI in the latest human competition. I’ve covered a few of these recently, including games, biochemical research, and writing. Most of the discussion centres […]

How Captain Marvel could have been the MCU’s Wonder Woman

To begin with I’d like to state that this critique will not involve any discussion of any of the controversy surrounding the Captain Marvel movie or Brie Larson. I intend this to be solely an exploration of how the rather lackluster movie could have been so much stronger. Frustratingly, I believe this could have been […]

Artificial Intelligence: A View into the New Future

AI and The World of Tomorrow? A row of cars wait, orderly and patient, as we reach the school driveway. I head for our family Auto, distinguishable by the customized chromo-flex decal on the hood, currently set to cycle through red and black arrows pointing toward the front. It’s supposed to look dramatic, tough, and […]

Artificial Intelligence: Fake News is about to get real (prevalent)

With the coming technological advances and the dearth of investigative journalists in the modern world, fake news is about to explode. The Issue Among his many other projects, uber-wealth entrepreneur Elon Musk sponsors OpenAI, a group with the goals of guiding the development of artificial intelligence so that it is ‘nice’ and representative of peoples […]

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