DESTINY CITY. A city of heroes and villains. A city with a tormented past and an uncertain future. A city living in the shadow of Dr. GrimLaw. Enter three women with three intertwined destinies.

Charlene Stanfeld, aka the superhero Starshyne, has problems. She has a job with no future, a boss with no self-control, and a super-powered gang that has her number.

Virtue Maroni, mafia princess, has mad combat skills and can build anything, except respect among her gang members.

Ayn Elipso has a new house and soon a new, married, life. Only, she’s worried her fiance has a new woman.

The Altered Destiny Saga introduces the broader superverse centred around the troubled Destiny City. Heroes and villains from across the superverse come together to battle for the future. Echoes of the Past, the first episode and teaser for the first novel, is available online.

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