Human nature is a strange beast. So often we look for a magic pill to take us where we want to go – whether that’s losing weight, writing a book, becoming known in our field. So many of us are willing to overlook the obviousness of the efficacious truth in favour of wasteful efforts on quick fixes that don’t work. What is that truth? Regularity. That making good habits and sticking to them yields noticable, positive results over time.

It’s with this in mind that part of my new plan for my writing career is regular blog posts. I will be adding at least one post to this site per week, in addition to the latest news, events, story updates, and commentary for the monthly Reading For The Singularity book group. Hopefully that can increase once it becomes second nature.

However, until then (and even after) you can find me posting regular updates on LinkedIn and Goodreads. Come on by and say ‘hi’. I’m always up for a good discussion. And if you like my commentary (or my books), or just want a free e-book, why not sign-up and stay up-to-date?

Whatever your interests, I look forward to chatting with you or meeting in person at one of the events I regularly attend.

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