Artificial Intelligence: Fake News is about to get real (prevalent)

With the coming technological advances and the dearth of investigative journalists in the modern world, fake news is about to explode. The Issue Among his many other projects, uber-wealth entrepreneur Elon Musk sponsors OpenAI, a group with the goals of guiding the development of artificial intelligence so that it is ‘nice’ and representative of peoples […]

Battleship: Original Serial Fiction – Episode 4

The first shots have been fired. Were there any casualties?¬†How will the American Naval group, hidden in an electromagnetic field, respond and just what are they doing in Canadian waters anyway? As this game is designed to feature multiple countries, each turn begins with a response to aggression toward that country, stating miss/hits for each […]

NaNoWriMo and Plot Twists

Ten days in to NaNoWriMo and I’m reminded of all the ups and downs and the general ebb and flow of both the story of my life and of my novels during this marathon of writing. For exmaple, most routines get pushed to the background so that I end up catching up on house-cleaning, laundry, […]

Once more unto the breach dear friends!

I’ve forgotten how many different homepages I’ve had now. Prior to this one, however, most have been very general, highlighting the wide scope of my, often unfocussed, endeavours. Now that I’m set to start publishing my books with greater determination and regularity, I felt it time my website reflect this changing attitude. If you’re finding […]

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