The fall of Rome took 300 years. Our collapse feels like it’s occurring over three years. A rise in global challengers to our throne, conflict just outside our borders, massive immigration threatening our fragile infrastructures, increasing conflict between races within our borders, increasing conflict between men and women, increasing uncertainty on what it means to be a man or woman, fear of each other, fear for the environment, fear for the other creatures on Earth, fear of other creatures on Earth, fear for the Earth itself… does it ever end?

As someone who’s been following this modern train crash of Western society from near the beginning (arguably, the newest iteration could be considered to have begun around 2010-2011), I’ve gone through many changes of attitude as I’ve tried to understand what’s happening. Disbelief, defiance, hopelessness, short-lived elation, determined resistance, I’ve spent time in all these states, while being told by blissfully ignorant friends not to worry about it — something I just couldn’t bring myself to do. After all, I care about this world, if not for myself, then for the next generation.

Maybe it was putting in 10,000 hours of thought, maybe it was a wisdom of age and experience, or maybe it was just a kind of tired necessity that says ‘I have to find the positive or I’ll burn out in fear and rage’. Finally, however, I found my place of peace, that mental space I could reside in that let’s me experience, accept, and understand what’s happening in a way that I can live with, without mindlessly trusting everything will be okay.

That’s what much of this part of my blog is about — finding a perspective that helps me understand what’s going on in a way that I can accept. I present some of the modern issues, deconstruct them in a present and future framework, then describe the positive sides of them. After all, the media and popular culture are showing us enough doom and gloom to last several lifetimes, and at a time when the world is better off than ever before. I don’t want to be another one of those voices, so I’m here to explain why I think it’s not all bad.

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