Friday 18 November, 2039

It’s not a good sign that I’m writing here again. Seems I only come back when life sucks.

And right now — life sucks.

Okay, that’s not completely true. What I mean is that work sucks. But since work is such a big part of life, it’s almost the same thing.

Wow I’m rambling. This is why I hate journals. I’m going to start again.

Today I was responsible for locking up an old lady. Seventy-four and I helped put her in the slammer. She’s my thousandth incarceration since starting this position two years ago. That sucks.

I can’t believe it either. 1000 people I’ve put away. Garbage men, painters, grannies, priests, cops, teachers, shopkeepers, and so many others. None of them were dangerous. None of them were a threat. They all just wanted to know what was happening with their country. They all just wanted some answers.

They’re not dissidents and they’re certainly not the public menaces they’ve been labelled as. At most they’re just people who are having trouble adjusting to change. And who can blame them? The world is speeding forward at such a rapid pace that beliefs and institutions of a generation are all but dust before that same generation even dies. But as fast as some things move forward, other things move backwards.

So, what did this woman do? She posted to the global MeHIVE one too many comments criticizing our government’s new social structuring policies. And what did she say that was so horrible?

‘Equality used to mean everyone had an equal chance.”

That’s it. That’s what I locked her away for. She would have been safe — well, safer — posting it to a local MeHIVE but the oldies have trouble keeping up with the constant change. This kind of thing is probably the most common flag I receive for the over 60’s. But once they’re flagged, once they enter our web, it’s over for them. No one escapes the government Spyders.

We’ve got access to everything everyone has ever done. All e-mail, all text posts, all images, all audio or video from the time you were born. In fact, we even have your baby pictures. We know all your school grades, we know what you ate every day, we know what time you arrived and how you treated your teachers and classmates every hour you were there. And we know the same about you for every job you’ve ever had. If you’re self-employed, we extrapolate the information from the tone of your social posts. We can even access your private logs without consent if the publicly available ones don’t have sufficient information, although that’s rarely necessary.

We know everything about you. That includes all your crimes, no matter how big or small. And everyone has committed a crime.

I mean that. Literally. Everyone.

The web of laws is so complete now that no one can escape it. If you’re still free it’s only because the government finds you useful or hasn’t found a reason to lock you up. It stopped being about guilt or innocence several decades ago. Now, it’s about ‘keeping the peace’. It’s about creating a docile population that allows the government to do whatever they want. So if you’re useful, they keep you around. If not, as soon as you come onto their radar someone like me starts the data-mining algorithm and you’re found guilty. Yep. I don’t even look at your file. I just plug your name and personal details into the software and it compiles your life story, fitting to it whatever crimes apply. Then we charge you retroactively.

And when you’re proven guilty? All your assets are liquidated. Ten percent is put into holdings for you on the chance you get out and can somehow restart your life. The rest goes to the government. It’s ironic, in a way. It’s the 90% tax rate so many were fighting for, only it applies to everyone, not just the rich. We’re finally all equal under the law. All equally guilty.

Anyway, you’re then sent to a government internment town, one of hundreds around the country, where you’re given a dormitory and a job in your new society. You don’t pay rent, but you don’t make any money either. The number and size of these ‘towns’ are growing incredibly. Pretty soon there will be more of them than free towns. But most of us suspect that’s the government’s plan. This allows them to keep tight order while filling unpopular jobs with unpaid labour. Yep, under the guise of keeping the peace, the government has become the new slaver.

As I said, while tech speeds forward, our social structure speeds backwards. We’re now living in a high-tech feudal society. I feel like a henchman for the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Anyway, there’s nothing to be done about it now. It’s just — a thousand! It caught me by surprise. But it’s the weekend now. I’ll drink the feelings away and come in Monday ready for a new week, just like I always do. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy I have a job that keeps me off the radar.

Rant ended.

Perfect time to sign off, I just heard a knock at the door.

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