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I’ve had my head in space ever since I saw the original Star Wars in the cinema as an impressionable eight-year-old. For a while, I thought I might like to build giant robots, or travel into outer space, or unravel the secrets of life. But I’ve found that writing science fiction allows me to do all three.

Humans and Robots and Aliens, Oh, my!

If you’re like my readers:

  • you enjoy thought-provoking science fiction that is fun and action-filled.
  • you’re interested in exploring future directions of technology
  • you dream of humanity taking its place among the stars
  • you want to explore the boundaries of the probable, the possible, and the unknown

In other words, you want epic, galaxy-spanning science fiction that keeps its focus squarely on the human condition. You want characters using amazing technology while they struggle to make sense of their world. You want epic battles between three-dimensional heroes and villains.

Epic Fiction

I grew up in the wondrous universes of the original Star Wars and Star Trek, the millenium-spanning Foundation, and the immense creativity of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I owe my imagination to amazing visionaries like George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, Isaac Asimov, and Douglas Adams, to name only a few.  Their stories of wondrous worlds, amazing technologies and vast galaxies for exploration had, at their heart, interesting, inspiring, and relatable characters who rose above themselves to overcome immense odds.

I created the multiverse-spanning Gateway to Eternity Saga because I also crave new, exciting and epic stories of wondrous worlds and fabulous technologies that keep the human story front and centre as they showcase numerous Alternate Futures of humanity.

Author and Futurist

I love thinking about the future. I’m keenly interested in humanity and the world we’ve created (and continue to create), and where this might take us – both in the near and far future.

Writing science fiction allows me to explore the trials and wonders of possible futures through the lens of fiction. And I hope that it entertains you while filling you with courage and an optimistic anticipation of the future.

What will you find in Alternate Futures

Here on Alternate Futures, you can find information on my books and my online and real-life appearances. In the Blog section of this site, each Friday, I publish an article that includes one of:

  • original fiction
  • short stories set in the Eternity multiverse
  • reviews of lesser-known science fiction books
  • discussions on cutting-edge technology

I invite you to join me on my AlternateFuturesUK FaceBook page for further discussions.

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