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Here’s where I’ll try to keep readers generally updated on the progress of books I’m currently working on. For more detailed updates, why not join my newsletter?

Altered Destiny (episodes 1 & 2)
Structural Revision

Virtue Maroni is a tech-savy marksman with big dreams and a bigger problem. Her family runs the Destiny City underworld but they won’t let her in on the action. Striking out alone, she joins The Devil’s Own.

Black Pariah is a jaded former superhero who left the Destiny Justice Force when they refused to follow up leads on the death of his wife. Undercover, he joined The Devil’s Own to get close to the criminal mastermind behind the disaster that killed his wife.

Starshyne is a young superhero, alone since her parents were killed in the accident that demolished an entire district of Destiny City five years ago. She struggles to make her way as a Q-mart cashier, splitting her time between mind-numbing work and fighting the new gang in town.

¬†Gradually, they discover that the villain working from the shadows has bigger plans for Destiny City than they could imagine and if they don’t stop him, it could mean the end of the world.

Emergent Sea - Dreams of Mortality: Book 2
Structural Revision

Corbain Lathimar is a low level corporate mercenary who cares about little except his giant ant friend Snarque, his dead girlfriend ADI, and staying alive in the cutthroat world of interplanetary business. But when his cybernetics are hijacked by a renegade monk to store an ancient prophecy, he finds himself thrown into a battle for the fate of the galaxy.

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