How I'm Restoring My Love Affair with Star Wars After the Sequels

When Disney announced the new Star Wars trilogy, I was thrilled. They’d done such a great job with the Marvel Cinematic Universe that I was certain they would do a great job with the new Star Wars. A few short years later and I was so disheartened that I thought I may never be able to watch another Star Wars show again.

Now, there appears to be a new hope that the dark powers infesting the Lucasfilm republic are being pushed back and the Star Wars I know and love may be returning. But how can I trust them after such  a terrible betrayal?

A Life-long Fan

I’ve been a lifelong Star Wars fan from the age of eight, when I first saw Luke Skywalker on the big screen. I love the vast universe, the strange aliens, the fun droids, the galaxy-spanning clash of good vs. evil and, of course, I love the Jedi and their Force powers.

After the original trilogy, I devoured the extended universe books until the prequel movies came out. Despite some poor writing, they included enough good Star Wars content to still be fun to watch (and we saw an entirely new side to the Jedi and their abilities).

So, when the House of Mouse announced the purchase of Lucasfilm and the plans for a sequel trilogy, I was excited. They have a lot of talent, surely they would do a better job than George’s last attempt.

The Last Jedi... for Me

As The Force Awakens began, my heart was thumping in excitement. I loved the scene with Rey on the desert planet as she combed through the remnants of the past for something of value. I cringed a bit at the extreme Force use of Kylo Ren, but was hopeful it would be explained and put to good use later. I largely ignored Po as an empty character, and loved the potential of Finn, the awakened Stormtrooper.

But it all started going downhill for me around the halfway point, when it became clear that The Force Awakens was essentially a re-envisioned summary of the original trilogy. Except bigger and more nonsensical. Then, the moment untrained, newly awakened force novice Rey defeated Kylo Ren, the most powerful force user we’ve ever seen, was the moment I knew the series was heading somewhere bad.

But I didn’t want to believe it. So, cautiously, I gave them another chance. After all, there was still so much of the trilogy remaining.

 I entered the theatre cautiously optimistic to see The Last Jedi a chance and was almost immediately disappointed. The opening scene was clearly a re-envisioning of the escape from Hoth. I did appreciate the alternate perspective, but not the poor attempt at humour or the laughably pathetic enemy leader.

As the movie progressed, I became more and more disgusted as they destroyed Luke Skywalker, made Finn a laughing stock, neutered Po, and propped up Rey — all for no reason. At last, after the battle of the throne room I though the disaster was over… but it wasn’t. We still had another battle where Luke was outright killed off in the battle that could have redeemed the movie, but instead, sealed it’s fate.

I had never wanted to walk out in the middle of a Star Wars movie before. The only reason I stayed was in desperate hope that it might somehow get better. It didn’t.

To this day, The Last Jedi is the last Star Wars movie I’ve watched. I was so disgusted that I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to even rewatch the old favourites without reliving the memory of the intimate abuse The Last Jedi did to the franchise.


A New Hope

But clearly the forces of light are fighting back the darkness at Lucasfilm and there are hints that people who actually care about the series, the lore, and the fans, are taking back control of the galaxy.

The Madalorian, the latest Star Wars series created by Disney, has had such positive feedback from the fans that I’ve finally decided to try to rekindle my love affair.

As they appear set to introduce many of the newer fan favourits, especially from the animated series, I’ve decided to rekindle my interest in Star Wars by watching The Clone Wars, something I didn’t have the chance to do prior to its inclusion on Disney+. Then, I will follow up with Star Wars: Rebels, which should lead me nicely into The Mandalorian.

An I’m going to pretend that the last two trilogy movies  didn’t happen.

How are You doing?

What about you? Loved or hated the new trilogy? If the latter, are you still interested in Star Wars? Why not join the discussion on my author page on Facebook.


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