Life in Lockdown - Day 1

Many have been expecting it since the calendar turned to the big 2-0…0-0. Now, twenty years in, and the enemy is finally at the door in a way we weren’t prepared for and the UK, like most modern countries, takes the only option left after decades of failing to keep our infrastructure strong and prepared for the future.

On the evening of Monday, March 23, 2020, a full country quarrantine, with home lockdown, was announced by prime minister Borris Johnson in an attempt to ‘flatten the curve’ and slow the rate of spread of CoViD-19.

Now it’s up to us to do our part while trying to stay sane while we do.

It’s Tuesday. Day 1 of the forced self-isolation, national quarrantine.

I went for a walk this morning with my highschooler. At 7:30a.m. We both need to keep up our regular excercise as we’ll be on the computer a lot in the coming weeks. Her mum is one of the essential services and has a whole different set of concerns.

Anyway, at that time of the day it’s not easy to see any difference. There was still traffic. There were still a few people out. And of course, there were still the birds singing.

I’ve been hearing people lately talk about noticing the birds. It’s as if their eyes are opening to the world now that they’re one stage removed from the rat race. It’s strange to me because I always notice the birds. And the bees (yes, they’re still around). And the spiders. We have so many spiders in this part of the world it’s hard to properly express. Fortunately, the vast majority are of the safe variety.

There is one thing that is discomforting about the walk these days, however. Each person I meet feels like a source of contagion moving down the street and I’m careful to keep the required separation even if it means walking in the street.

To compensate, I’m sure to give a ‘good morning’ whenever our eyes meet. 

We had a trial run for the lockdown yesterday.

Our young one is now home until the schools reopen. Unlike many families, we’re fortunate in that I stay home most of the time anyway so this wasn’t too disruptive.

To their credit, the school has put the coursework online and she’s busy enacting a virtual class with her friends using the wonders of modern technology in a way so natural that it’s foreign to most of us oldies (even a technophile like me).

HouseParty is the new socializing app, for those parents who haven’t caught up yet.


Everything went smoothly. She was eager to start studying and to work with her friends online. We’ll see how long that lasts for as everyone becomes stir-crazy. 

I have some misgivings about the government’s announcement.

On the one hand, CoViD-19 is highly contagious and very deadly to a certain set of the population (who we haven’t accurately identified yet). So, I can fully support the decision to slow the spread of the virus as much as possible. It’s also clear there will be a set of the population that would never comply.

On the other hand, it’s frightening that they can so easily remove freedoms that we take for granted and put the entire country under house-arrest. And that’s without a high-tech survaillance system such as some countries have.

Something that was clear shortly after the quarrantine announcement is that the government has the ability to contact the entire country via mobile phone. Whether that means they sent the message to the service providers or have already collected the information is not clear.

The message we received this morning was:



New rules in force now: you must stay at home. More info & exemptions at Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

 It would be nice if they could use this ability to share regular updates with us. 

I’m working to get some new communications systems in place.

Now is a great time to build online communication structures. Regular video drop-ins with friends and family, virtual coffee breaks with colleagues. In my circle, I’m one of the few people with the vision to do this… unfortunately, I’m a bit slow to implement because I tend to like my peace more than most. Still, it’s important.


That’s all for today. We’re staying strong. Keeping healthy. Maintaining physical distance and cleaning surfaces regularly.

Stay healthy everyone and I’ll be back tomorrow with another update.

How are You doing?

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