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Game, Set, Deathmatch

DaemonS and the Apocalypze Cowergirlz have entered the Deathmatch, greatest and most violent game in the history, to win ultimate glory. They expected to be fighting the toughest competitors in the galaxy during their climb to the top, but they never expected to be fighting for the future of humanity. All too soon, they realize this Deathmatch is no game.

Altered Destiny

DESTINY CITY. A city of heroes and villains. A city with a tormented past and an uncertain future. A city living in the shadow of Dr. GrimLaw.

The Altered Destiny Saga introduces the broader superverse centred around the troubled Destiny City. Heroes and villains from across the superverse come together to battle for the future. Echoes of the Past, the first episode and teaser for the first novel, is available online.

Electric Bugaloo

Electric Bugaloo is a collection of selected short and flash fiction from Edwin H Rydberg. From stories of angels and demons to characters overcoming their personal demons, this anthology has humour, horror, and a healthy dose of science fiction. Also featured are excerpts from Echoes of the Past (Altered Destiny Saga: Episode 1) and Game, Set, Deathmatch, the first stand alone book in the Dreams of Mortality sequence.

Farspace 2

Farspace 2 is a lot darker, more cautionary and less care-free, than Farspace 1. Among others, it features stories about control—by entities that want to harm or protect us, and stories about exploration. Not the happy, “everything is wonderful out there and all will be great if we only go” stories. But rather the “yes it’s dangerous out there, and we can get killed, but we still need to go” stories. Yet, ultimately, Farspace 2 is an anthology of hope and promise for the future, an anthology that urges us to keep moving forward despite the hardships we might find along the way.

Assassins' Canon

Few images evoke a more powerful or frightening reaction than that of the assassin. Silently creeping into your room while you sleep, they plunge a pick deep inside your brain, or fill your snoring nostrils with poisonous vapour. Or perhaps skilled fingers from the shadows strike a vital point during mid-step; the coroners say it was a heart attack. Assassins are people to be feared, no doubt. But what do they fear? What do they dream of? What life, what world, are they longing to achieve with their actions? Is the killing just a job or is there some deeper motivation that drives them? And what happens when it all goes wrong?

In Assassins’ Canon a full gamut of would-be killers is explored: gangsters, henchmen, soldiers, newly-weds, the reluctant, the willing, the skilled, and the novice. And, for better or worse, all must bear the consequences of their choices.

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