Here is a short piece I wrote some time ago when pondering the perspective a snowman might have in its short existence. I feel somewhat safe in putting out now, and that I won’t be tempting the wrath of the winter gods now that warmer weather appears to be here. (image from J.P.Stephens: Snowman After Dark)

From ice to ice, from water to water.

Awareness seeped forth on a blast of frigid air accompanied by multicolored blurs that encircled in a seemingly endless dance.

A bright yellow circle of heat marched across the distant blue overhead, dragging shadows along the pure white ground.  Its warmth was uncomfortable, but the soothing cool of darkness arrived quickly.  In the long blackness there was sound, but no motion–light, but no heat.

The world of white changed quickly.  As the blurs sped hither and fro, trees sprouted, colors blossoming from their branches.  Vines of multi-hued balls slithered across the square hills, chasing the blurs, and red-clad bipedal gnomes sprung from the soft ground.

The soothing cycle of darkness grew more comforting as the circle of warmth became less frequent.  The blurs, while still present, spent more time inside the glowing hills.  Occasionally, enormous bursts of noise erupted during the dark.  On one instance, the black exploded in violent fits of noise and flashing colors and there was fear that the circle of heat was attempting a violent return.  Fortunately, the black was victorious and order was restored.

From that fateful day forth, however, the colors withered and died and the trees disappeared back into the land.  The blurs still sped rapidly about, but their movements were less confined to the local area.

Disturbingly, as the cycle continued, it became obvious that the circle of heat was successfully fighting the darkness.  With each passing, its discomforting presence remained longer until, gradually, even the ground succumbed to its withering gaze.

The land slowly shriveled, the white retreating into the pitiful shadows as the painful circle overwhelmed even the powerful, comforting dark.

Awareness faded in the penetrating heat of the warm air as the blurs danced in other fields.

From ice to ice, from water to water.

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