Deborah Adams & Kimberley Perkins
Publication date: December 1st 2018
Genres: Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic, Thriller, Young Adult

How far will they go to restore the power?

It’s been lights-out for three months and society is already falling into chaos.

Teenage tech-genius Simon Harper and his team of fellow gamers have been searching for the cause of the outage since it went down. Simon and his twin brother West are often at odds, but when the key to restoring power drops into their hands, they’ll risk everything and join forces to bring it back.

Descend into an epic, young adult adventure, featuring family and friendship with a heart-skipping side of romance by debut authors Deborah Adams and Kimberley Perkins.

Mysterious deaths and disappearances are piling up, and unknown enemies are everywhere. As the brothers make their 500-mile journey to Waypoint they’ll have to decide who they can trust, and which secrets can be told.

“Thanks to its tantalizing pace, well-established consequences, and complicated character development, this novel is worth writing home about. I didn’t feel ready for it to end.” -Independent Book Review

My Two Cents
Waypoint is a near-future young adult SF action/adventure story told from the perspective of four teens attempting to survive a hostile new future while uncovering the mystery of how it got that way.

Decades in the future a company will create a technology that provides cheap electricity to the entire globe… only to have the system crash leaving nations without power and collapsing the social infrastructure. Three months later, brothers Alex and Simon are on the scene when a scientist is shot. With his dying breath, he gives them a USB stick with code that can restore power thrusting them into a race across the country in an attempt to get to the mysterious Waypoint and use the USB stick before they are caught and killed by any number of mysterious, violent groups chasing them.

I found that Waypoint started a little slow until the brothers acquired the USB MacGuffin. From then on, it’s a fun ride as the brothers separate paths and race across the country. The addition of two more teens they meet on their trip serves to increase the tension and mystery even further.

I did have some issues with the far-too-pleasant post-apocalyptic landscape of the cities, but I discuss that more in another post. There’s also the issue of why they didn’t copy the USB drive at any of the several chances they had along their trip. I also felt the ending was too sudden and too much of a cliff-hanger (obviously leading into the next book). I felt that at least one plot thread should have been concluded in this book and this would have been fairly simple and still leave room for the ending as it was.

However, nit-picking aside, Waypoint was a very enjoyable read. The story flowed well and once it got going I didn’t feel it bogged down anywhere. If you’d like to get your own copy, it’s now available at several online locations, or you can enter the give-away below for a chance to win a copy.

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Author Bio:

DEBORAH ADAMS and KIMBERLEY PERKINS are friends and coworkers. They share a love of coffee, literature, and teenagers saving the world. By day, they work for a defense contractor in Huntsville, Alabama as the HR Director and an Excel-wielding Analyst, respectively. By night, they build worlds with words and devour stories. For more information about Deborah Adams and Kimberley Perkins and their foray into writing, check them out on social media.




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